How a 4000 Year Old Miracle Plant, Discovered in Asia Could SAVE Oga From Quick Arrival And CONSISTENT,SUPER-HARD JOYSTICK. 

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Dear Friend,

Would you like to know an ancient miracle plant discovered in Asia and mentioned several times in Holy Books that can help you overcome quick cumming, low sperm count, prostate cancer and improve your Sperm and  performance stamina  to last beyond 20 minutes?

Would you like to satisfy your woman  during Kerewa, without any fear of embarrassment of quick cumming?

These miracle plants will restore your confidence by eliminating your erectile dysfunction.

If you want to experience long lasting in bedmatics, improve stamina, increase your Joystick size,  satisfy madam and enjoy your Kerewa  to the fullest.

Just few minutes on this page will reveal Natural Method that will turn your story around.

You may  have tried all forms of medications; even patronize local Shepe joints for  Ale, Afato, Baby Oku used Viagra and other inferior  products just because you want to end embarrassment of quick shooting.

All of these bring great risk to your health on the long run.

But, you are not alone;

Hundreds of Nigerian men are suffering from  this today.

All because we have shifted from organic foods to something else as a result of civilization.

Stress, depression and health challenges like Diabetes,Hypertension,Infections e.t.c also cause it.

I used to suffer this quick shooting and lack of  stamina!

Ha! Not being able to satisfy a woman was highly embarrassing then.

I overcame with the secret I am about to share with you. YES, it turned me and my friends to rock star in bedmatics.

Other MEN have these problems to the extent of losing their spouses to other men.

To some, it turned their relationship to unhealthy ones as a result of poor bedmatic performances and infertility on the part of the man.

To some, their gateman is now rocking their spouse.

To some, their wife have gone to bring another man’s pregnancy for them.

Do you want these to happen to you?

But don’t worry,there is a solution.

Unfortunately, there are so many even herbal products that promised solution but they have all proven to fail. (don’t want to mention names).

Reason being that they don't treat the root cause of ED. That is Low Testoterone.
Most of those products lack basic Clinical Ingredients I'm about to reveal.

You can either go ahead and be buying them (it is not my health that is at risk of stroke)


Save yourself with my recommended Natural solution which is far more effective than whatever product you have used before.

The solution I have for you is a Natural herbs that was found two thousand years ago in the ancient city of Spartan in Greece, Asia and mention several times in Holy books that helps you END QUICK SHOOTING & IMPROVE MALE FERTILITY.

The magic thing that makes these herbs effectively can be traced back to true story of a community in Greek in 17th Century.

As recorded in anti-ageing book titled ‘ELIXIR DE VIE written in France in 1760.

There lived a Swedish Doctor whose name was Dr. Yernest.
It will interest you that Dr. Yernest Father died at 121 years old, grand father at 130 years leaving behind children of about10 and 15 years old respectively, with many wives though, the cause of death of those men was unkown.

But it is written that Dr. Yernest himself never died of natural causes.

He was still healthy when he lost his life during a horse riding accident with his child (6years) at age 104.

So, what secret helped this family stay se.x.ually healthy without prostate and live long?

The family had a well kept ‘Secret mixture of plants’. They all took on Daily Basis that enhances their sexual performances.

According to the book, ELIXIR DE VIE, one of the huge benefit of this secret family mixture is that when taken consistently for Eight days, it helps to harden joystick, multiplies and promotes  sperm counts and enhances blood supply to the brain.

This same book also revealed that the major ingredient of this substance is a green medicinal plant that first found in Asia called.    


The ginkgo tree is said to be the oldest surviving tree species. They live incredibly long (resistant to fungi & insect).

Extract from ginkgo leaf yields flavonoids and terpenoids which strengthen capillaries.
They also increase circulation of blood to  the brain and prick – Hence, making it strong, hard, increases its length,end quick shooting and prostate.

Why Ginkgo leaf is that powerful, how come a lot of people are not using it to improve their se,xu,al life?

Reason being that;

a.         Most people don’t know it, those who know can’t identify it

b.        Ginkgo works effectively when taken in its natural form. Unfortunately, most that we see around have been over processed and their medicinal abilities have been lost.

c.         You need to combine Ginkgo with other Natural supplements that fight erectile dysfunction. They are:


These are ancient herbs: Chia from the West, Ginseng from the East and Maca from South America.

a. Chia was used by American- Indians in the US at the turn of the century for it’s life-sustaining properties. Chia contains healthful polyunsaturated fatty acids, anti-oxidants fiber and protein which are basic element for male fertility.

   b.   Ginseng is legendary as a tonic, earning its name as the ‘KING OF TONICS’. It contains Saponins, making ginseng an adaptogen ( a compound that adapts its effects depending on the needs of the body)

c.  Maca  was discovered about 2000 years ago in Peru. According to legend, the incan warriors ate Maca (this herb) for strength and endurance before going to battle.

The Spanish conquistadors called it the ‘s.e.x herb of the Incas’. Modern studies proves that this herbs promote libido, sexual potency & energy.

Tongkat Ali  is an essential  component  which supports testosterone production and supports the action of Panax ginseng in enhancing your physical performance.

So, How Do you source for Supplements that Contains these Natural Ingredients

  You might be able to get them from few pharmacies But before you go out there and buy them,

Here are things you need to be sure of

Be sure that you are buying only supplements that are pure Extract of these natural ingredients.

Be sure that they have not been over processed

  However, I have never purchased these supplement in Pharmacy before.

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